Hi there! Welcome to The Greenquest! I’m Aude, the writer, photographer and recipe developer behind this food blog.

About me

About me

I’ve always loved cooking and baking since my childhood, I grew up and started to prepare more and more food. I grew up in an environment where we believed food is the most important part of the body: having healthy food prevent diseases and nourishes the brain & body.

With time passing I became vegetarian and then vegan. To me, following a plant-based diet is for environment, ethical and health reasons.

It has actually been a very long time that friends ask for some of my recipes so I finally decided to share with all of you my passion for homemade delicious food. In order to feel confident to share my recipes, I passed a Plant-Based Professional Course Certification.

Besides sharing food recipes, I also love taking pictures! I wish to inspire you to eat healthier for you and the planet. Making food from scratch is not as difficult as you think it is. And it really doesn’t require too many skills :).

Plantbased certified Rouxbe

What you will find on The Greenquest

The Greenquest is a blog dedicated to plant-based recipes with a focus on wholesome and fresh ingredients. Of course, life is a matter of balance so you will also find delicious evil treats!

I love making food for special occasions but I also like to have a meal prepared in 30 minutes, so you will have plenty of choices for both cases!

What do you need?

The only thing to cook happily is a good sharp Chef’s knife. I can ensure you, having a too small / not sharp knife is the way to get you out of a kitchen! You will cut (and thus cook) faster and your knife skills will increase exponentially.

A little more about me

Where do I come from? What are my qualifications?

I’m French and after high school, I left my hometown to go to Paris for the conservatory as a music student. After two years studying, I figured out it wasn’t for me so I decided to enter an Art Conservation School and graduated as a Painting Conservator 5 years later. During the last year of Master, I undertook internships abroad in New York (MoMA), Cracow (Conservation lab) and The Hague (Conservation Studio). After that, I was hired in The Hague for two years.
During these two years, as my interest on healthy food was bigger and bigger, I passed a Plant-Based Professional Course Certification.

Fun facts?

  • I am a cat person. You can bring me anywhere, even if it’s the most boring place, If there’s a cat, I will be happy and spend my time with 🐱 and I might completely forget about people around haha
  • I use to play a lot videogames and that’s how my boyfriend (aka webmaster) and I met (Left for Dead, 8 years after we are still together).
  • Since I’m 10 I am a huge thriller reader and I am very interested in serial killers psychology.
  • I don’t like going to clothes shopping (big stores) but any vintage/second-hand store will do the trick!

I hope you will be inspired by these recipes and would love to hear your feedback! You can send me a message if you have any questions or find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.